Client's Feedback

  • We are forever grateful for your help. I recommend a lot of people come to see you.

  • I am still not smoking, thanks to you. Saving a lot of money though.

  • I have been challenged with constant pain for over 3 years. I have tried everything I have been able to avail myself of both medically and alternatively to alleviate the pain and to correct the cause of the pain. My success has been very limited. Fabienne and Hypnotherapy were recommended to me by a friend. My response was to try it with little expectation but an open mind.Fabienne has been wonderful for me. Her warm manner and her professionalism worked perfectly for me. I have found that Hypnotherapy is an excellent tool for me, bringing me relief in many ways.
  • Having struggled with weight issues my entire life I was excited to read an article in Wild Tomato magazine about hypnotherapy and how it could assist, there were several practitioners interviewed, I chose to visit Fabienne as she seemed to fit my needs best. It has been a process over the past few months with several visits.  I loved Fabiennes gentle method and how she has taught me skills to use throughout my life.  She focused on what caused my weight gain - not just on losing weight.  As a result I feel more confident, and more relaxed.  I am so pleased I met Fabienne and would recommend her very highly to anyone looking for help in making positive changes in their life.
  • I was very sceptical about hypnotherapy being able to help my condition at all. I've been chronically ill for 7 years but had been told that I would be started on a much higher dose of pain killers (usually given to amputee patients) to help manage my nerve pains. I wasn't keen on this idea so when the opportunity arose to see Fabienne I decided to give it a try, and I am so very glad I did. Fabienne's techniques have helped me to effectively manage my pain to the point that I no longer take any pain medications for my condition. I have non invasive tools to quickly and effectively help me when I need it. I no longer need to wear long sleeves and pants in summer to protect from the wind and have once again been able to enjoy summer to its fullest with my family. I owe a great deal to Fabienne and would encourage anyone to give hypnotherapy a try, if your willing to do the work, you will reap wonderful rewards.
  • My daughter found the transition to high school unsettling and stressful.  The resulting anxiety was affecting her learning and confidence.  I spoke to Fabienne and she thought she could help.  My daughter was also open to the idea.   Prior to the first appointment my daughter was feeling tired and grumpy.  When I collected her after the appointment she was noticeably happier.  I was surprised by the magnitude of the change.  The positive shift in her mood was sustained and the anxiety about her school work reduced considerably.  My daughter did the daily relaxation exercises Fabienne had given her and attended two more appointments.  She is now much happier, enjoying school, fitting into family life better, and getting top grades from her teachers.  The change has been remarkable and I believe will have very positive long term benefits.  Fabienne has a wonderful skill and an ability to connect, and I am very grateful for her help.
  • My 10 year old daughter had developed anxieties that were getting progressively worse, and were affecting the whole family.  After years of going to homeopaths, trying different anxiety courses, I read  an article in Wild Tomato, that hypnotherapy could work.  I was game for anything but my husband was very skeptical.  We went as a family, and it is the best thing we could have  done.  My daughter was scared in the beginning because of having seen hypnotherapy shows but Fabienne was so gentle and calm, that she soon looked forward to her sessions.  What I really enjoyed, is that Fabienne did not just treat my daughter, but she treated the family as a whole.  This was very important and sorted out many issues that was making our lives stressful.   It took longer than we realized, but now my daughter’s life has changed dramatically in what she can do and face.  Her anxieties are gone, our relationship is better, and our family is healed.  Thanks Fabienne