Treatment Plans

  • In a first session, I explain to my clients in depth: 
    • How the subconscious mind functions
    • How hypnotherapy works
    • The number of sessions envisaged
  • Every session has a counselling part and a hypnotherapy part. (For some clients it is necessary to have a counselling-only session in between.)
  • With each session my clients receive tools, exercises and recordings to carry on the work at home.
  • I use a tailored approach for each client and it is most important to me that the work reflects exactly what the individual client wants.

I am a well trained and experienced hypnotherapist, but I do not have a 'magic wand'. Hypnosis is not magical, it is logical. A treatment plan is a step by step program, that needs the active and motivated involvement of the client.

  • RELAXATION: Our first step is to look at your stress and tension levels. It is important to learn relaxing in a way that is instant and effective. A relaxed mind gives you the distance that you need in order to find solutions to your problems. A relaxed body creates physical wellbeing and allows you to function well in everyday life. Removing stress from your life will have a very positive effect on the issues you may have. With the help of a relaxation exercise you will learn instant relaxation.

  • CONFIDENCE: Our second step is 'confidence building'. We are all different and may be confident in certain areas, but then there are always other areas where we lack confidence. These areas are generally our problem areas. You lack confidence around your personal issues. Learning to be more confident, to have more self-believe, and to believe in your ability to change is the basis of your success. You will learn how to use hypnosis to improve your confidence levels and you will receive a confidence recording for your use at home.

  • SELF-HYPNOSIS: As a third step you will learn everything about Self-Hypnosis. Everybody can go into hypnosis and I will teach you an easily, instant and effective way to use hypnosis on your own. You will learn how to use self-hypnosis and self-hypnosis recording. From then on, you will be able to work with shorter recordings at home. This is an important step as we can only change ourselves. Once using self-hypnosis you are making the process fully your own.

  • LETTING GO: For some clients, another step might be to understand where the destructive behaviours that lead to your issues come from. It is not necessary to dig into details of the past, but it is most important to look at your experiences and to understand how these experiences still influence you and your behaviour. Using the insight we have gained through the counselling process, I will write and record for you a tailored therapy for this purpose. This will enable you to let go of your observed unhealthy behaviours and to replace them with healthy new ones that do work for you in a positive way.

  • SOLUTIONS: Once these steps ('relaxation', 'confidence', 'self-hypnosis' and possibly 'letting go') have been taken, we can directly and successfully work on your specific symptom(s) and problem area(s). We will work together on a therapy that will focus on your strength and find solutions for a positive life-change. You will receive another recording for your use at home.

  • MAINTENANCE: The last step is a maintenance program. You will learn how to use self-hypnosis to maintain low tension levels, to keep up confidence levels, to balance physical and mental health and to work independently on any possible future issues. You will leave equipped with a tool set that allows you to take care of yourself on an on-going basis in the future.

I see clients on an average for 4 to 6 appointments; this depends on the client history. The first two sessions should be within two weeks. Subsequent sessions are timed according to the personal treatment plan and can be spaced over several months or sometimes even years.

Additional steps might be needed for individual treatment plans.